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We pride ourselves in creating arts festivals that celebrate not only the art, but also the artist and the audience. We love to curate with care, plan and manage every detail of the festival day to make it a memorable and lively experience for everyone involved.


Thirteen years ago a bunch of passionate readers and writers in their own stride got together to celebrate literature and the love for books! Besides one of the most important events in the calendar, the annual literature festival, Tata Literature Live!.


Literature Live! Also hosts a range of other activities. With monthly book launches, or discussions centred around books and authors, and The Anil Dharker Literature Live! Independence Day Lecture that happens in August, Literature Live! strives to forge the literary map of Mumbai in more ways than one.

TLL 2019


Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest is the largest international literary festival. Featuring authors, poets, thought leaders and more it is an intellectually stimulating event for people of all ages. The range of sessions include book launches, panel discussions, straight talks, debates, performances and workshops.

The fourteenth edition of the festival was held in a hybrid form. It was hosted online on 25th-26th October and on-ground from 27th to 29th October 2023.


Thespo (Started in 1999) is a platform for any and every young person under 25 who is interested in any and all aspects of theatre. Except for the age limit, Thespo firmly believes in including youth from all parts of the world, all fields, all language groups and all art forms who share a love for theatre.

Over the years Thespo has showcased the best of youth theatre from across the country in the form of full length plays, platform performances, play readings, devised performances and much more. Theatre stalwarts and practitioners from around the globe have collaborated with young emerging artistes in India to create unique and memorable performances. Regular workshops covering various aspects of theatre have ensured access to professional training in the field.

Thespo is a non profit organisation registered as part of the Theatre Group under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 & Societies' Registration Act, 1860.

Thespo 19 Play - Mrig-Trishna 2017


Working across a range of projects, we interact with several performers. Thus, casting for various productions, radio plays, series is very much within our wheelhouse. In the past we have done the casting for productions such as Jaan-e-Jigar, Pink Sari Revolution and have worked with casting agencies like Casting Bay.


Recognising talent and celebrating arts in any and all forms is always a matter of great joy.  Conceptualising an evening of awards, and executing a perfect evening to make it memorable is something we shine in. Over the years, we have managed the Laadli Media Awards (2011,2012, & 2014) and the Sanctuary Awards (2001, 2002, & 2021)


A day long conclave of Indian Netizens who believe in the power of social media and want to use it. The conference hosted activists like Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Divya Kandukuri, Harish Iyer, Jairus Banaji, Rajdeep Sardesai, Richa Singh, among others.


From conversations around Media’s role in a majoritarian state, to using the internet to create a community of support and enable grassroot changes, and of course the digital censorship and trolls, the conclave provided a holistic overview of the realities of living in a digital world.

QTP managed the conclave, right from looking into stage set-up to artist liaison, and making the audience experience a special one.


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Corporate Projects

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Theatre Projects

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