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In a world that is more hybrid than ever before, creating work for the digital medium that stands out is more imperative than ever. We endeavour to capitalise on the magic of technology, and develop experiences that go beyond the realms of that rectangle box of Zoom.

TLL 2019


The 11th and 12th edition of Mumbai’s most coveted literature festival took a digital avatar for two years. With geography being no bar, the festival had a much greater reach and impact.


The sessions ranged from sports to economics, lifestyle to politics. Both the editions of the festival set records, with more than 175 speakers, performers, and viewership that is nearing almost 8 million. The festivals hosted authors like Amy Tan, Anne Enright, Jeffrey Archer, Salil Tripathi, Salman Rushdie, Shashi Tharoor, Vidya Dahija among others.

In 2022, while the festival went on-ground again, the digital sessions continued as well. 

QTP produces and manages the festival, from scheduling to running logistics for the complete festival.


A 3-day digital conference that took place from 7-9th October, 2021 was organised by Agents of Ishq and The YP Foundation to deep dive into these questions through keynotes, panels, workshops, performances, afterhours interactions and more!

3 days, 36 events, 60 speakers - A first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to sex and pleasure in India bringing in the pleasure lens to the work and lives of students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or really, anyone and everyone!

QTP line produced and managed the conference completely. From website development to managing the sessions, from artist liaison to logistic management, QTP did it all on this project.

LSD Conference
Thespo 21 - Full Length Play - Baksa

THESPO 22 & 23

As with most of the world, Thespo too moved online in 2020 & 2021. With the pandemic, being locked in the confines of homes, the need to express and share stories, especially among young people was more than ever. In addition to the festival being hosted online, initiatives like Thespo Listens (community audio-play listening sessions), Audio-Torium (an initiative that encouraged audio play creation by young people) and Thespo Tapri (Solo-storytelling initiative), Thespo multiplied its activities with like never before. With record-breaking collaborative performances from various countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, and UK. The two years of online, strengthened Thespo’s reach not only in India but also across the globe.

QTP produces Thespo and provides mentorship and training to the fellows running the movement year on year.


A professional development programme by NCPA, targets designers, technicians and managers working in theatre in India. A first of its kind symposium for practitioners working in the live performance arts industry was held in August, 2022A two day digital conference that hosted three panel  discussions, two round tables and one networking event. QTP managed the streaming of the entire symposium.


Ron Hart’s Lunch Girls is a story of four friends as they try and plan a lunch together, amidst their busy schedules. As part of the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, 2020, Quasar Thakore Padamsee adapted the Lunch Girls for the online medium.


Bhavna Pani, Dilnaz Irani, Gillian Pinto and Pravishi Das performed the rehearsed reading of the production.

QTP revived this play after 2002. 


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Corporate Projects

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Theatre Projects

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