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February 2024: Myth, Musicals and More

A fabulous February is one that’s filled with theatre, and we’re here with our monthly theatre recommendations to ensure that you are covered.


When - Monday 5th Feb, 2024

Where - Harkat Studios

What - An intimate room tucked away in Aram Nagar comes to life with a dramatic reading of Palestinian playwright, Dalia Taha's work. An evening brimming with heartbreak, humour and honesty, this dramatised reading is a part of the second installment of Bhasha Centre’s Hear, Here and features some incredible performers such as Aarti Aney, Asmit Pathare, Devika Shahani, Neil Bhoopalam. Listen to them read and explore how the most intimate of relationships are infiltrated by colonisation and displacement. This is a must for those looking to engage with interesting and diverse new writing and for those who would love to end their Monday with some storytelling and invigorating discussions.


When - Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th Feb, 2024

Where - Prithvi Theatre

What - Don’t mind laughing till your stomach hurts? Heartfelt stories are your thing? Then make sure to catch āwaaz theatre’s Glitch in The Myth - a retelling of the Ramayana from Sita’s point of view filled with song, dance and humour.

Bored with the life chosen for her, Sita seeks adventure. Follow her journey right from childhood, to the early days of her marriage and her subsequent disappearance. After a successful show at Thespo’s 25th edition, this endearing show is back to spread some much needed warmth and care that it inherently possesses. 


When - Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th Feb, 2024

Where - Prithvi House

What - Whether you want to step outside your comfort zone and pick up a new skill or whether you want to brush up an existing one, Get Your Act Together is here to make your February a little more exciting. Led by acting coach, Shaun Williams, this acting workshop is all about making the script come to life, for auditions and for performances! Shaun is hilarious and dynamic as a teacher, and spending in an evening with a cohort of like minded people is always a treat.


When - till 11th Feb, 2024

Where - Multiple venues What - If it’s relatable you’re looking for, check out Irawati Karnik's Jar Tar Chi Goshta for a light hearted take on closure. What happens when two people who seem to have moved on after a divorce, end up bumping into each other at a resort away from home?

To find out, make sure to mark your calendars! Know More 5. BE-LOVED When - Tuesday 13th Feb, 2024 Where - Prithvi Theatre

What - BE-LOVED is a warm, fuzzy performance showcasing a collection of short and sweet pieces about queer love. Some of these tales are rooted in writings from history and literature, some are devised, and all are delivered by an energetic, enthusiastic ensemble, who visibly seem to care about the stories they are telling. There's poetry, music, and an easy, joyful quality often missing in the depiction of queer narratives. BONUS: Tickets are Rs. 200 only!


When - Thursday 15th Feb, 2024

Where - Prithvi Theatre 

What - There’s something special about folk music, dance and theatre. Performances are always high energy; the larger than life stories, the colours. It’s pure entertainment coupled with impeccable craft and skill. So with Love and Lavani you get all of the above, and you get a love-story based on the life of Shabana Ashturkar, a Lavani performer of a matriarchal community. 


When - Thursday 15 Feb to Sunday 25 Feb, 2024

Where - Experimental Theatre, NCPA

When it comes to genre, why choose between romance and science when you can have both. 

A story about people, the multiverse, one about love, loss and everything in between - Constellations, is back at the NCPA after having successful runs in 2018 and 2019. And there's a new cast too: Kunaal Roy Kapur and Aahana Kumra, both of whom are stepping onto stage after a long, long time! Know More


When - Thursday 15 Feb to Sunday 25 Feb, 2024

Where - Grand Theatre, NMACC If you’re someone who enjoys waking up to old Hindi songs or finds solace in listening to timeless tales, Mughal-E-Azam might be right up your alley. Based on the 1960’s film, this musical production boasts 7 Broadway India World Awards. Make sure to check it out for the magical Kathak sequences, the incredible singing, and the spectacle this show has to offer.

9. GUARDS AT THE TAJ When - Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd Feb, 2024

Where - Prithvi Theatre The Taj Mahal is a gorgeous creation, no doubt. But the myth of what happened to the makers of this wondrous monument, is far from pretty.

First staged for Aadyam, Guards at The Taj takes a close look at the friendship, dilemmas, and journey of the two guards who are tasked with chopping the hands of the craftsman who built the Taj Mahal. Immersive and fourth-wall-shattering, this dark comedy might transport you to what life looked like 350 years ago but you'll find yourself asking if the world we know today has ever really moved on from those times, especially with respect to the matters of censorship and whimsical laws. Know More


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