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Theatre Junoon in June

The rains are here! And so are this months recommendations. June appears to have quite a few plays talking about friendship and belonging. Guess it does feel good to have someone to share an umbrella with, platonically or otherwise.

1. Every Brilliant Thing When: Sun 16 June Where: The Cube, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre What: When a seven year old realises that his mother is depressed, he starts putting together a list of all the wonderful things in life worth living for. With the laugh-out-loud kind of humour inherent to the script and the warmth Vivek Madan performs it with, Everyt Brilliant Thing becomes more just an exercise in holding onto hope. It's an experience of truly appreciating the little things in life, while simultaneously holding space for all those in the audience watching it with you. Know More 2. 1876

When: Tue 18 June Where: Prithvi Theatre What: Media censorship and the stifling of the opposition are all concepts we are well versed with and are conversations that have been seeing the light of day, now more than ever. Within this current climate, Amygo productions presents the story of the first ever play to have been banned in India. A brand new show, the play is just about to have it's second run and has already garnered a good response. Past audiences have enjoyed it for the way it portrays historical events, humanizing the characters and the narrative. Know More

3. Seeta Apaharan When: Thu 20 June Where: The Cube, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre What:  An age old myth meets an incredibly rich traditional form of dance. Most might be familiar with Sita's abduction by Raavaana as mentioned in the Ramayana, but the version we're all gearing up to see at the NMACC is one written in the Aranya Kanda chapter, in Kannada, by the poet Parthi Subba. What else is so special about the performance? The whole show is being presented through Yakshagana dance and theatre. Get read to witness an explosion of colour, story telling, culture and dance right in front of you. We're quite excited to see how it all unfolds.

4. Aw, So Sad

When: Sat 22 June - Sun 23 June Where: Veda Blackbox What: Tanvi Lehr Sonigra's premiering play, Aw, So Sad is all about a 25 year old who is sent spiraling into a quarter-life crisis during her first public performance. This 75 minute piece promises to be honest, funny and outrageous and features Sonigra, the write and director, as the sole performer as well. The show has been further developed from a shorter piece entitled Namyoh Ho Rengekiyo - initially created in association with Five Senses Studio. While we wait with bated breath for a new and longer story, audiences who enjoyed Sonigra's previous iteration will tell you that this writer/director/performer sure has some charming charming moments up her sleeve. There's also some original music to look forward to! Know More

5. Patra Patri When: Sat 22 June - Sun 30 June Where: Multiple Venues What: The world as we know it is contantly changing and shifting. Technology for one is advacing at an unbelievable speed, so i language and so is the notion of what is appropriate and what no longer remains within the confines of 'civilised behaviour.' Two old men try to navigate the world around them by exchanging a string of letters. While the play does offer commentary on herd mentality and the everchanging landscape around us, it's primarily about two old men and the camaraderie they share. Catch Dilip Prabhavalkar & Vijay Kenkre in this sweet heartwarming story. Know More 6. Great Text Readings

When: Mon 24 June Where: Versova, Andheri West What: On the last Monday of every month QTP hosts a participative play reading session in Versove. Usually 7:30 pm onwards, people gather around a living room and read a play together. The characters are assigned at random and shuffled amongst readers every once in a whie to ensure all those who like to read out loud, get a chance to do so. What follows then is a conversation over some squash and biscuits. Know More

7. Motley's old world When: 25 June - 30 June Where: Prithvi Theatre What: An adaptation of Aleksei Arbuzov's Russian Play, Old World examines with humour and empathy, the loneliness that comes with old age. An eccentric patient and a taciturn doctor form an unlikely friendship within the four walls of a health resort. We couldn't suggest a better note to end the month on given that stories of found families and friendship are always delightful. But what's more is that the performers are always stellar to watch! Directed by Arghya Lahiri, performed by Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, this is a play you wouldn't want to miss. PS, the Tuesday shows are at just Rs. 200! Know More 8. Souzo

When: Sat 29June Where: Prithvi House What: Gillo theatre is known for the engaging and informative children's plays that they put together. Souzo is but another such piece about imagination. There are two stories that they bring with them in Souzo. One of a hermit crab in search of his dream and the other of a mouse who spends his days caught up in a land of dreams. Audiences seem to have really enjoyed Souzo. Adults have mentioned that the play is just as enjoyable for them as it is for ttheir children. So if you're looking at keeping a child entertained, or would just like to go enjoy a light hearted story, maybe this is your next watch! Know More

9. Dekh Behen When: Sun 30 June Where: Of10: Powai What:  A girl group reunites after a long time at a big fat Indian wedding happening in Delhi. They've got gossip, they've got drama, they've got a dance number they need to rehearse and theyve got a shared dislike for the bride. Akvarious' laugh riot of a play explores female friendships and has been mounted by an all female cast and crew. You can expect to roll out on the isle with laughter, be caught off-guard by some of the conversations and certainly be aghast with the intentionally tacky bridesmaids gowns the actors adorn. Go catch the play, it's sure to be a fun evening. Know More

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