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April 2024: Art Etc.

April 2024 Recommendations

What’s hotter than the summer sun? This month’s theatre line up.

1. What’s for Dinner?

When: Friday April 5 Where: Turtle Studios What: Are you an artist looking to fund a project? And even if you aren’t one and would just like to gain insights into how sponsorships and proposals are drafted, how research is of utmost importance, and how to sell something intangible yet impactful, this workshop might be for you. Arundhati Ghosh, after spending decades with a plethora of proposals,  is bringing to you her recipe of how to make them work. Know more

2. Pitch Please 

When: Saturday 6 April & Sunday 7 April Where: Harkat Studios What: Actors will tell you that having a good command over voice is important to effectively convey what a scene is trying to do. Most people you speak with on a daily basis will tell you that clarity is paramount in communicating. And so when looking to train this particular skill, why not go to one of the best in the industry. With a body of experience over four decades, actor and voice over artist, Shernaz Patel helms this workshop on honing ones voice. Know more

3. Taal Mel

When: Tuesday, 9 April Where: Veda Kunba Theatre What: A culmination of Bhasha Centre’s Think Big Think Small workshop, Taal Mel promises a lovely blend of music and theatre. Conceived entirely by the cohort of budding arts entrepreneurs, the evening starts with music by Swanand Kirkire abd is followed by Kumud Mishra’s performance of Shakkar Ke Paanch Daane - a play that has previously been lauded for it’s tight script and simplicity. What’s more? All proceeds from the evening are going towards supporting arts education.

Know more 4. Shikhandi

When: Wednesday 10 April - Thursday 11 April Where: Prithvi Theatre What: The story of the earliest trans character in Indian mythology, Shikhandi is born a girl, raised a boy and is eventually transformed into a man by a yaksha. While the mythological tale focuses on vengeance, karmic balance and the war, Faezeh Jalali’s Shikhandi examines the confusion brought on by a shifting gender identity and challenges stereotypes. It’s an energetic and stylised performance of a humorous and clever script. Definitely a must watch! Know more

5. Agni Aur Barkha

When: Monday 15 April & Wednesday 17 April Where: Multiple Venues What: Another play inspired by a tale from the Mahabharata, Girish Karnad’s Agni Aur Barkha is a story of desire yes, but also one about caste, duty, rituals and a woman’s place in society. Marrying these very real and gritty themes with myth, demons and magical qualities, the play offers a vibrant universe. One which the students of Drama School Mumbai will be exploring in their upcoming production directed by Gurleen Judge! Since this will be a premiering show, we’re quite excited to see what this talented bunch brings to the table. Know more

6. Purane Chawal 

When: Saturday, 20 April Where: Studio theatre, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre What: An adaptation of Neil Simon’s Sunshine Boys, Purane Chawal seems to be just as hilarious. Set in Mumbai, the play follows two actors, who once enjoyed the spotlight but have since been forgotten, as they are brought together to revive one of their older shows. They bicker, they fight and they try to find a way to stay relevant in this changing world. Directed by Sumeet Vyas, the play features the likes of Kumud Mishra, Shubhrajyoti Barat, Ghanshyam Lalsa/Ishar Sunya, Ayesha Raza, Kirti V.A., Divyendu Saurav, and Prashant Pandey. Know more

7. Dekh Behen - Part Two

When: Saturday 20 April Where: Experimental theatre NCPA What: As the name suggests, this one is a sequel, However, independent of its predecessor, it is a stand alone delight. The play invites you to a destination wedding and gives you the front row tickets to the reunion of a girl group and the chaos that ensues at a vegetarian, alcohol-free affair filled with judgmental orthodox relatives. From a bridal lehenga that doesn't turn out quite right, to exes showing up, the performance will definitely let you have a good laugh. And above all else, will give you a glimpse of enduring female friendships. Know more

8. Love and Information

When: Thursday 25 April Onwards Where: Experimental Theatre, NCPA What: There’s no linear narrative, there are no protagonists, there is no plot. What there is: powerful vignettes, multiple stories that are displayed across scenes, over a hundred characters and an exploration of what it is to be human in a world where there’s an overload of information at our fingertips. While the plays is more than a decade old, it seems to be all the more relevant in today's world where technology continues to expand. Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information is exciting in format and content and we can't wait to see Mohit Takalkar's treatment of it. Know more

9. Every Brilliant Thing

When: Saturday 27 April & Sunday 28 April Where: Multiple Venue What: This one-man-show set in-the-round, tugs at all the right heart strings. To cheer up his depressed mother, at seven years old, our protagonist begins to make a list of all the brilliant things in the world to live for. As he grows, so does the list. A heartwarming story, dealing with some heavy stuff in a manner that is empathetic and light hearted, Every Brilliant Thing feels like a warm hug. And what’s more? The play has inspired crowd sourced lists of brilliant things as well! Know more.

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