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March 2024: Anthologies and Other Adventures

March towards the theatre already! There's so much happening this month and you don't want to miss any of it.

1. Hear, Here When: Monday, 4th March

Where: Harkat Studios

What: The last of Bhasha Centre’s Hear, Here Volume two is… here. This time, a dramatised reading of Mosquitoes written by Lucy Kirkwood and directed by Argha Lahiri, focuses on the lives of scientist Alice and her sister Jenny who are thrown together by a tragedy. Once again, an impressive ensemble helms this reading; Atif Ally Dagman, Dilnaz Irani, Mallika Singh, Pushan Kripalani, Richa Jain, Shernaz Patel, Siddharth Kumar and Sukhita Aiyar. And while hearing them is bound to be an enjoyable experience, discovering new writing and delving into the works of interesting playwrights is what’s most exciting. Know More  

2. The Far Post

When: Tuesday & Wednesday, 5th & 6th March 2024

Where: Prithvi Theatre

What: Puppets, masks and music come together to tell the story of two soldiers who lose their lives on a battlefield and now have to journey together to the afterlife with the help of a postman aunty and her pet goldfish. Performed in Lepcha, with English subtitles, The Far Post seeks to address relevant global concerns through a story that is intimate and personal, yet infused with such lightness. The fantastical universe it creates is endearing and the skill of the performers is to be commended for making the staging of it seem so effortless. And if that isn’t reason enough to go watch it, Sofiyum, has composed some wonderful music, specifically for the play, Know More

3. 12 Hours with Carrie

When: Tuesday & Wednesday, 5th & 6th March, 2024

Where: Kalari Warriors

What: How well do we actually know our bodies? This workshop is about making sure that the answer to THAT question is “VERY WELL!” Discover your unique physical vocabulary and how to use it to tell captivating stories. All with the Tony and Olivier nominated Carrie-Anne, who also happens to be the current UK Associate Choreographer for Hamilton (West End)! Note: this workshop is for theatre makers, creators, actors, directors who have 3-5 years of theatre experience. Know More

4. One on One Special

When: Thursday, 7th March 2024

Where: Studio Theatre, Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

What: Some of Bombay’s finest writers came together to write short slice-of-life plays about the modern Indian, which then some of Bombay’s finest directors came together to stage. And thus One on One Special came to be. This anthology of plays showcases a range of stories, narrated by characters that are frustrating, hilarious and relatable. Not to mention, the ensemble is quite impressive, featuring the likes of Ajitesh Gupta, Anu Menon, Rajit Kapur, Shikha Talsania, Sohrab Ardeshir, Sumeet Vyas, and Zafar Karachiwala.  Know More

5. O Gaanewali

When: Thursday, March 7, 2024

Where: Veda Kunba Theatre 

What: An ode to the women whose contributions shaped several Hindustani semi-classical forms, those who found their celebrated lifestyles overturned under the pressure of the British Raj, O Gaanewali promises an evening filled with music and storytelling. This baithak style performance isn’t just a history lesson. The trip down memory lane is infused with intimate and endearing accounts about these women, and the performers engage you in conversations with such genuineness and warmth. A treat for the ears, O Gaanewali is something music lovers should definitely catch, but those looking forward to a feel-good, light-hearted Thursday evening, will not be disappointed either. 

6. Maas

When: Thursday & Friday, 7th & 8th March, 2024

Where: Prithvi Theatre

What: Shame is a private feeling, Jyoti Dogra’s Maas serves it up on a silver platter for all to see. This one-woman show contains multiple short stories about different women, all of whom deal with the beauty standards thrust upon them. The performance examines the way we view ourselves and the way this view of ours has been shaped, and it does so with smiles and laughter thrown in. 

7. Charchaughi

When: Thursday, 7th March to Tuesday,19th March, 2024

Where: Multiple Venues

What: First performed in the 1990’s, Charchaughi stirred audiences because of the unconventional choices its characters were making. The 4 generations of women belonging to the same family, may no longer shock audiences today, but they still remain strong and unapologetically themselves, seeking to live and love on their own terms. As audiences previously have noted, The actors in this recent reprisal; Rohini Hattangady, Kadambari Kadam, Mukta Barve and Parne Pethe, give noteworthy performances and share wonderful chemistry. No wonder this play has already crossed over 200 shows.  Know More

8. Think Big, Think small.

When: Wednesday, March 13th to Wednesday, April 10th 2024

Where: Andheri Industrial Estate

What: This list is full of some exciting live events for people to catch, but if you’re wondering how to produce some of your own, Bhasha Centre’s month-long rigorous workshop Think big, think small, has you covered. Why else should you attend it? The workshop is led by Vivek Madan, and Saatvika Kantamneni, both of whom have a lot of insight to offer about the craft, (and also happen to be super interesting people). And then again, workshops become the best way to try out new skills in a no-stakes environment. Know more

9. White Rabbit Red Rabbit

When: Wednesday, March 13th 

Where: Veda Kunba Theatre 

What: There’s no director, there are no rehearsals, a different actor performs the show each time and they’re given the script just as the show begins. Nerve wracking for the actor? Sure, but that’s probably what makes it all the more entertaining to watch. You discover the story with them and it’s their instinctive response to what they are reading on the go, that really makes the play. When performed with honesty, the experience is truly magical. And with Nandita Das and Gopal Datt, gearing up to perform, this run of shows seems quite promising! Know More

10. I Killed My Mother/ It Wasn't My Fault When: Saturday, 16 March 2024 Where: Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA What: Apart from having an intriguing title, the play also happens to be quite the entertainer, as past audiences will tell you. This story of a 25 year old grappling with work hassles, social media struggles, relationship rock-bottoms and self-doubt, paints an apt picture of Gen-Z angst and is told with the help of the multiple voices that constantly badger our protagonist. A contemporary comedy, I Killed My Mother/ It Wasn't My Fault is a relatively light hearted watch, one that promises a fun evening. And you can tell, those on stage are having fun too! That's probably what makes their energy so infectious. Know More

11. Ladies Sangeet When: Saturday, 16 March Where: Prithvi Theatre What: A wedding drama-comedy which does a whole lot more than just tickle the funny bone, Ladies Sangeet also examines gender roles, family dynamics, queer identities, beauty standards and more. The range of topics are all addressed at varying levels of detail, some take centre stage while others we just get a glimpse of, but they are all staged with a lot of heart and humour. What's more? The upcoming show is a part of Aarambh Mumbai's festival Rangmanch Ka Rang-Punch so go check it out, along with some of the other shows in the line up. Know More

12. Vodka & no tonic

When: Sunday, 17 March 2024

Where: G5A Warehouse

What: Born out of the lockdown and the spirit of reassessing one's life that it brought on, Vodka & No Tonic is a series of 5 monologues adapted from Shobhaa De’s Lockdown Liaisons. With the pandemic is at the backdrop, the stories are about love, both lost and found. A migrant worker on his way back to his village, a queer woman stuck at home with her parents, a haughty socialite who must come to terms with loss, are but a few of the characters we meet, brought to life by some incredible performers - Lillete Dubey, Ira Dubey and Joy Sengupta. Know More

13. Project S.T.R.I.P

When: Thursday & Friday, 28th & 29th March, 2024 Where: Prithvi Theatre What: A decade old show that has remained relevant through the years and one that might continue to stay relevant, is indeed having its final run. Ram Ganesh Kamatham’s hilarious play on development that’s not-so-sustainable, will have you rolling on the aisles, laughing. You’ve got an idealistic anthropologist, an ex navy official, some corporates, a tribe on an island, and lots of frogs. A recipe for madness, effectively portrayed by the ensemble comprising of Dilnaz Irani, Harssh A. Singh, Keith Antony Sequeira, Neil Bhoopalam and Shruti Sridharan Know More 

14. Firefly Women

When: Saturday & Sunday, 30th & 31st March, 2024

Where: Harkat Studios

What: Firefly Women looks at theatre as a tool for protest. The memories of three incarcerated women, penned down in letters, their hopes, learnings of life in prison and need to fight back, form the crux of this interactive physical theatre piece. Against the backdrop of these letters, the performers invite the audience to interact and help create a world without oppression.


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